The Multaradar C is the solution to reduce the dramatic consequences of the accident in which inappropriate speed appears as the main cause in more than a third of accidents.

Able to control with a single cinemómetro to 6 lanes simultaneously in both directions at once, it is the only device approved in our country to identify with accuracy the lane in which circulates the offender, even if several vehicles appear in the image .


Awarded in recognition of its innovative and unique technology, this cinemómetro stands out for its precision and reliability, unequivocally contributing to improving traffic conditions of our roads and the immediate elimination of the main cause of accidents.

The Multaradar C detects vehicles circulating in the control area, identifies with precision the lane in which circulate and measures the speed of each of them, firing his camera if the measured speed exceeds a preset limit. In that case, when it detects that a violation has occurred, the image of the vehicle along with the speed measurement, lane through which circulates and other relevant data, is recorded in an encrypted digital file and tamper-proof, as a basis for the corresponding disciplinary proceedings. Efficiency, innovation, technology, functionality, reliability … The list is endless epithets, but the summary of all of them is always the same: Multaradar C is the answer to the problems of urban traffic.

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