Recording communications

Today many companies, organizations or public institutions demand communications recording systems and technology architecture needed to develop their activity or deploy their services effectively and safely for the customer or citizen.

In call centers, financial institutions, public safety agencies or air traffic control, where the working environment is critical and the information contained highly sensitive security must be very present throughout the communication process: input, management and storage . In these cases is key to register the call source as proof of operational flow that triggers behind this action.

As technology providers in TRADESEGUR we specialize in this area of telecommunications and help to implement all kinds of projects requiring the deployment of these applications for registration and call handling whatever the system used: traditional, IP voice or radio.

Our alliance with ASC, the leading European manufacturer of recording systems and communications analysis, allows us to offer customized solutions designed to operate between different locations and allow recording, monitoring and archiving of all verbal interaction that occurs between sender and receiver.

We respond to your communications entire process of adding value to your business:

  • We cover all phases of the process: recording, playback, analysis and storage.
  • We connect multiple platforms.
  • We channel management calls between different points.
  • Centralize all information for easy management.
  • We design modular and scalable architectures that ensure the present and future integration.
  • We offer local and remote management.
  • We guarantee security through encryption of recordings.
  • We provide active, passive or combined recording.
  • We set open and flexible interfaces.



All it designed to channel and manage calls on behalf of the customer and the company itself thanks to the optimization of resources.