Traffic Eye Road.

Reading of license plates on interurban roads

Traffic Eye Road is a powerful automatic number plate reading machine designed for traffic control applications on highways, roads, urban roads and, in general, any type of road that does not have barriers. It is an “All-In-One” system that integrates in one camera, lighting, process unit and all control electronics. This reduces installation costs by eliminating complex cabling and independent process units previously used. Only one equipment is needed for every two lanes to be controlled.


• Automatic reading of license plates Benefits.
• High resolution cameras up to 5 Mpx,
Equipped with infrared LED illuminators, Able to read at high speeds, with traffic Dense and in unfavorable
light conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
• Control electronics capable of managing the Exposure times of the cameras and the Infrared lighting during
the capture process And that integrates time synchronization by GPS.
• Communication with time control centers Using any available technology:
Cable, fiber optic, GPRS, 3G …