Electronic surveillance

Overall security systems are increasingly demanded in our society and contributing to community well-being in both private and public environments. The evolution of technology makes us constantly changing and adapting media monitoring tools these advances to provide appropriate tools that allow you to watch and ensure safety.In the digital age have pictures, videos or audios not only servesto detect and prevent all kinds of intrusive action, attack or threat but alsoisstrong evidence about the events that can be used as evidence in court.



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TRADESEGUR offer all types of equipment and devices designed to ensure electronic surveillance of their environment, through products that allow you to watch, record, listen and detect all kinds of elements linked to security and control.We adapt to the different needs of the framework for action of our customers by offering solutions with specialized products.- According to the operation: portable systems, fixed, installed on vehicles- Depending on the degree of confidentiality and security: visible, hidden, camouflaged and encrypted systems.

– According transmission: wired, wireless, digital.

– For the environment: land or air.

For this we have a wide range of recording equipment, cameras, video cameras and their components and accessories to design and develop devices specific to your circumstances.