maintenance program

Only a correct maintenance of the shooting facilities allows to exercise safely, without risk of rebounding or poisoning by heavy gases. The wear of any of the elements can lead to a risk of rebound. After continuous use the parabolas and the anti-recoil rubber have deteriorated until they fail to fulfill their fundamental mission of protection.Aspiration of deposited particles and projectiles that can affect health.

Use-worn parabolas must be changed to avoid being crossed, with the consequent danger of rebounding and toxic gases in the air.

The projectile on the left has been fired towards a parabolas in correct operation, it is possible to recover it with a very low index of deformation. The one on the right corresponds to one

Thrown against a parabolas with such an excess of use that has pierced it, has collided with the wall protections, bouncing and throwing the atmosphere in the form of dust, with the consequent danger to the users