T200 folding friend and enemy target

When it is necessary to deal with situations of difficult combat, where the enemy can hide among civilians, the shooting training needs of a folding white surprise the shooter and at the same time, rotating to allow the instructor to choose between friendly face or foe so that the shooter has to discern whether or not to shoot.

The white folding TE 100 has a response time when given the order to expose very short, less than 0.5 seconds.

The mechanism is built to be used in both closed shooting galleries, shooting ranges and outdoor.

The electric motor 24VDC white silhouette rises 90 by a mechanical arm, the second motor, located in the arm rotates to expose face silhouette friend or foe. The fire detector also fixed on the arm, shot records and displays them on the PC screen.

The rotation control of the target and exercise programming is done using a computer and a specific application.