Electronic Olympic shooting target SIUS ASCOR / 10m

The system used shooting targets in all Olympics is to SIUS ASCOR as it has approval for it.

TRADESEGUR sells the full range of electronic dartboards of this Swiss manufacturer, and maintains its facilities.

The electronic target uses acoustic sensors to capture a passage of the projectile, from air compressed caliber, and represents a monitor the exact point of impact, this system does not have to go to evaluate white line or patch.



Precision white S10 is designed for all types of airguns (sports use). This is a target with great precision thanks to its impact detection system by microphones.


S10 Hybrid

Precisión S10 target is designed for all types of airguns (sports use). This technology combines white microphones measuring infrared beam, allowing a lowering thereof and low running costs by not needing paper rolls or rubber rollers.