TE180 target friend and enemy

For a good workout in the police or instinctive shooting, it is necessary to have a system suitable targets enables the instructor to schedule exercises with different exposure times and concealment and with different situations (friend or enemy), requiring the shooter to discern whether or not to shoot.


The rotating white TE 180 allows three positions, singing or neutral, position friend and enemy position, it has a 180 degree turn. The rotation is performed in a time not exceeding 0.2 seconds. And the target carrier supports any type of silhouette, either in plywood, PVC or foam. Machinery remains hidden and protected so the silhouette shooter sight only appears, installation can be indoor galleries and outdoor golf shot.

The system incorporates a lighting system for night shooting on silhouette and impacts detector notifies the control software and the number of shots which side they were received. This sensor detects impacts both shot to shot as a burst.

The rotation control of the target and exercise programming is done using a computer and a specific application.