ventilation system

Shots fired at a shooting gallery cause the formation of toxic gases is necessary to evacuate for a breathable atmosphere.

Lead suspension is the most dangerous substance for health shooters and especially shooting instructors, who are the people who spend more time inside the gallery. A ventilation system designed specifically for the gallery is the solution to this problem. TRADESEGUR ventilation has developed solutions that allow proper evacuation of both light gases and heavy gas.

The basic configuration of a ventilation system consists of a blower and extractor with capacity to renovate approximately 30 times the air shooting gallery, implying a rate of 0.3 m / sec. In shooting galleries large, more than a blower and an extractor to properly move the entire volume of air may be required.

The system is complemented by the necessary sheet metal ducts and vents and suction. In cold areas, you should also place a water coil to heat the air.