backstop rubber sheets


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The backstop rubber sheet is the best solution to stop projectiles sidearm and braking energy without destroying and therefore without generating lead suspension. This system takes up very little space inside the gallery and enables easy maintenance by switching only the most gunned sheets.

Double line consisting of strip conveyor recycled are suspended by hooks, iron profiles of rods to 0 °. On the front of a curtain antifragmentos rubber 4mm thick is placed to avoid splinters when fired at close range.

  1.    Total security antirrebote
  2.    It is not toxic, not cause suspension of lead.
  3.   The projectile is not deformed, which falls largely intact and allows the recycling of lead.
  4.   The entire surface is usable allowing impacts from any angle.
  5.   Long life, because supports up to 50,000 rounds per m2 with 9mm Parabellum.