Intox V. Blood alcohol levels, evidential


Excessive alcohol consumption remains a public health problem and a big risk behind the wheel since their intake multiplied by 9 chances of having a traffic accident, so at the first sign, zero tolerance to avoid endangering human lives uselessly.
Although the number of deaths from traffic accidents falls every year thanks to the policies carried out over time, fatalities related to alcohol increase, resulting essential to continue persevering in the prevention and control measures.


To ensure the perfect development of campaigns breathalyser test on public roads, it is trunked have proper equipment that offers maximum precision, accuracy and convenience. V is a portable blood alcohol levels and advanced equipment for measuring breath alcohol through with many advantages that make it unique in the market:


  • Precise and accurate instrument. Detects alcohol levels under a wide range of ambient temperature.
  • Functional and practical features 3 modes: on individual nozzle without nozzle (through cone) and objects (test measuring alcohol in open containers).
  • Comfortable and hygienic, it has specific and easy to install for different modes of use nozzles. Its design allows the operator to maintain controlled the subject while viewing the screen and avoid hassles in collecting the sample.
  • Compact and portable, has a briefcase for easy transportation.
  • Multicolor LCD screen easy to read in low light visible that facilitates notices to warn of any important circumstances during the test.
  • Information at the time with large memory capacity that allows connection to external elements such as PC and printer and can submit the test results on paper.

Face the upcoming Christmas season with the best equipment for detection of alcohol, blood alcohol levels V.