Drone F100.



The family of drones that TRADESEGUR offers, F100 is the high-end professional team prepared to capture aerial images professionally ensuring quality and overcoming unfavorable working conditions.

Made with materials from the aerospace industry, such as carbon fiber, it has a complete equipment on board that makes it unique and one of a series. Among its features and many improvements that presents, we emphasize its ability to work in low-light situations thanks to its infrared camera with 16 megapixels and 3D also lets you rotate vertically from top to bottom, up to 150 °.

maletamando-de-controlKEY FEATURES

• Automatic control system.
• satellite navigation system.
• 3G
• Remote transmission of images.
• Radio modem 900M
• Video transmission frequency 0.3 ~ 66Hz
• Composition: Carbon fiber

• Increased integration. Unifies multiple systems and equipment.
Control flight, GPS, image transmission, intelligent control.
• More intelligent. autodiscriminates images
(People / cars / buildings) and tracks.
• Safer. Independent control system flight
function failure or fall.
• More flexible. 3-axis platform with 360 ° rotation.
• Increased reliability. Simultaneous video storage
in flight, remote control and station.
• More functional. Takeoff and landing with automatic
one click.
• More professional. HD camera features,
zoom 4X / 10X / 20X, 3D and SLR