TruCam, laser speed control

When a compact and versatile solution for speed control is required, the response is called TruCam, an approved device use tripod or fixed support for static measurement motorbike or inside the vehicle.

With just over a kilo of weight, TruCam is a one-stop solution that integrates in the same laser speed measurement unit, camera photographic, digital battery and touch screen. This allows start-up without additional wiring and unprecedented versatility for its ease of use, you becomes the ideal ally for speed control in 30 areas or in particularly sensitive areas such as near schools, hospitals, homes for the 3rd age, etc.


The small size of TruCam it the perfect ally of the officials responsible for ensuring compliance with speed limits. The equipment is completed in less than five minutes, since it is certified to operate in static mode on a tripod or on a fixed support in a motorcycle or inside a vehicle. Complex deployments with various components and numerous cables are over!