Tempodis, speedometers panels

Panels speed indicators Tempodis series are devices with a clear preventive mission, so its use is especially advisable in the vicinity of schools, residential areas or any other point at which drivers must drive with special care. Through the use of an integrated radar sensor detects about 150 m away the speed of oncoming vehicles, showing them then on your LED screen. Incorporate an automatic brightness adapter, adjusting to ambient light so as not to dazzle.



•Pantalla led de gran tamaño, visible a más de 100 m.

•Fabricación resistente a la intemperie.

•Intensidad luminosa autoajustable.

•Análisis estadístico opcional de velocidades

•Portátil, se puede instalar donde se desee.

•Posibilidad de alimentación con panel solar.

•Varios modelos de distinto tamaño.